Know more about SQL Server database backups, restores, and recovery: Q& A – Part 1

Let’s deep dive and review each of the database backup command topics to get a better understanding of what it is all about. In this article, we will find an answer for FAQs about the SQL Server database backup. We will learn more about database backup.

In this article, we’ll discuss following Q&A:

  1. What are database backups?
  2. What are the factors to consider while planning for backup, restore, and recovery strategy?
  3. What are the different stages of data life-cycle management?
  4. How to do plan or setup SQL Server Backup and Restore strategy in a multi-server environment using native tools?
  5. How does the database recovery model impact database backups?
  6. Explain the different types of database backup in SQL Server?/a>
  7. How can I verify that backups are occurring on a daily basis?
  8. How can I verify that backups are occurring on a daily basis?
  9. What are the system tables that store backup and restore related information?
  10. What are the new enhancements added for Backup and Restore SQL Server 2017?
  11. What is a smart T-Log backup in SQL Server 2017?
  12. Assume that the database recovery model is full. The full database backup runs every week at 9 PM. Sunday, differential backup runs daily at 9 PM. Monday to Saturday, and hourly transaction log backups. Now, database crashed on Friday 5:10 PM. How to do a point-in-time recovery of the database?
  13. How to do database refresh automation?
  14. Explain the process of database backup and restore operations using the Cloud?
  15. In a given situation, assume that the system has 3 drives with 30 GB of free space on each drive. Now, how can you perform a database backup for 80 GB database?. Is it possible?
  16. Explain piecemeal restore operation?
  17. What are database recovery phases and how it is different for in-memory optimized objects?
  18. How to perform database backup and restore operation on SQL Server Docker containers?
  19. What is the native toolset that is available to perform database backup and restore operation?
  20. What are the top 10 trace flags can be used with database backup?

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