Know more about SQL Server database backups, restores, and recovery: Q& A – Part 2

In this article, you’ll see the Q&A about the database restore and recovery internals. To learn a lot about SQL Server database backup-and-restore (recovery) internals, you can refer to the following full list of topics.

  1. Define database restore
  2. Define the database recovery process
  3. Check the state of the backup file
  4. Check the number of file(s) in a backup file
  5. Identify the database version from a backup file
  6. Check the backup software tools used for backup
  7. Perform simple and multiple ways to restore a database
  8. Explain WITH OVERWRITE option
  9. Explain WITH NORECOVERY option
  10. Restore differential or t-log backup file
  11. Understand Other restore types STANDBY/READONLY
  12. Explain WITH REPLACE option
  13. Explain WITH MOVE option
  14. Restore the database using a Split files
  15. Detail Piecemeal restore process
  16. Explain Point-in-time recovery
  17. Describe the Page-Level-Restore process
  18. Explain Recovery-Only database restore
  19. Explain WITH STOPAT option
  20. Generate restore data commands using dynamic T-SQL

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