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PowerShell – Restart Service – Local or Remote Machines

This post is to start the services of local or remote computers. It also check for all its dependent services.  The script works on below logic Service status is Running The script will stop the dependent services ,stop the main … Continue reading

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PowerShell – Script to Monitor a Service on a Group of servers – HTML Formatted Email Output

This post explains how to monitor a given service on a group of servers. The function Get-ServiceStatusReport comprises of various cmdLets and function to monitor any given service on a list of servers. Get-Service HTML Ouptut Email Address validation You can … Continue reading

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PowerShell – List Local or Remote Programs with an Exclusion List of Programs

This post is to list all the software installed on your local or remote machines. The exclusion list is an array item which holds the programs  that you wanted to exclude it from displaying. ******************************************************************************** Function Get-SoftwareList { param( [CmdletBinding()] … Continue reading

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PowerShell – Uptime of Multiple Machines – Example for Custom Formatting and Grid View

This post is to help you out in finding UpTime of one or more computers also you can pass file as its input parameter . Most of the time, the Powershell console might not fit all the required output columns. … Continue reading

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PowerShell – Delete Registry Entries – Remote Machines – Example Profile Deletion

  #The following SID registry entry to be deleted across all mutiple Machines, SID is a user #who owns this user profile. Run the below script in Powershell console or ISE $sid = ‘S-1-5-21-3656904587-1668747452’ $scriptblock = { param($sid) $regpath = ‘HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows … Continue reading

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SQL – Find CPU,Memory,Connections, VLF’s,I/O of all the Databases

Find CPU, Memory, No Of Connections/databases and VLF’s and I/O details in one single script.  You just need to run the below T-SQL in SSMS Download the code here Metrics ***************************************************************************** USE MASTER GO DECLARE @DML1 nvarchar(MAX), @DML2 nvarchar(MAX), @DML3 nvarchar(MAX), … Continue reading

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