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I’m a Database technologist having 11+ years of rich, hands-on experience on Database technologies. I am Microsoft Certified Professional and backed with a Degree in Master of Computer Application. My expertise lies in T-SQL programming, Replication and PowerShell You can connect me via jayaram/ My Articles are published in following sites

SQL Server 2016 enhancements – Truncate Table and Table Partitioning

The idea behind this article is to discuss the importance and the implication of SQL Partition and understand the truncate command partitioning enhancements in SQL 2016 One of the biggest challenges for a DBA is to identify the right candidate … Continue reading

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SQL Server Database Recovery Process Internals – database STARTUP Command

A database recovery process is an essential requirement for database systems, It can be a tedious job and the process of recovery varies on a lot of scenarios. The desire to improve recovery results has resulted in various procedures but … Continue reading

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Custom keyboard shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

People love taking shortcuts because it’s the easiest way to do things faster; computers are no exception. Shortcuts, particularly ones performed by keyboard, can save you hours of time once applied properly. Learning keyboard shortcut saves you a lot of … Continue reading

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Illustration of an example availability monitoring service Using PowerShell and SQL

This article discusses a simple solution of how to monitor SQL service availability across multiple servers and reporting. To build this I’ll use SQL Server with simple PowerShell script and cmdlets which generate JSON data and displays results in HTML … Continue reading

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PowerShell: Managing Service(s) Using WMI, CIM and Get-Service Cmdlet

Abstract A common task of any administrator is to manage and maintain the application availability by checking the various services status, accomplish configuring the services and restarting the service on a local/remote system. There are several components are available to accomplish … Continue reading

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SQL: Different ways to generate sequence

There was a question from the op regarding adding a new column to a query output by generating the cyclic sequence numbers from 1 to 3. Select A =identity(int,1,1),B,C from table_abs 1,A,41 2,B,13 3,C,90 4,D,91 5,E,98 6,F,12 7,G,54 8,H,16 For … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2016: JSON integration

Abstract This article helps to explain the application of JSON data and the use of new SQL 2016 constructs that enable an integration of JSON data into a relational schema. The idea behind this article is to list as many … Continue reading

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SQL Server: How to backup and replace text in all search string matching Stored Procedure(s)

Table of Contents Problem Statement:- Solution:- Generate script for matching search string of all SP’s Using sp_helptext Using system view sys.procedures Generate modified SP’s script Create Linked Server Alias Conclusion References Problem Statement:- After SQL Server Migration or database rename … Continue reading

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My Interview published on Microsoft Technet Blog

Wish you a Happy New Year to all the readers and technical enthusiasts!!! My interview is published on the Microsoft Technet blog yesterday    

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PowerShell : Monitoring and Notification – Disk Space Alerts

“Microsoft Technet Guru – Gold Medal Winning Article- Nov, 2016” Abstract Monitoring disk space utilization of server(s) is the critical and important job for any administrator. Keeping things organized might improve application availability and server availability. This article takes us through … Continue reading

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