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Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure: DP 300 study guide

I am excited to share an important milestone in my life. My third book, “Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft SQL“, is released. Co-authored with Ahmad Yaseen and Rajendra Gupta, who are known to be the databases’ best and bright minds … Continue reading

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Kernel Migrator for SQL Server – Expert Product Review

Ease of use, accuracy, integrity, efficiency, and security are some characteristics which a good software should have, and when we speak of software products that focus on business users, the scale of expectations increases. Therefore, there remains no room for … Continue reading

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SQL Power Doc to Discover, Diagnose and Document SQL Server

This article will provide an overview of SQL Power Doc, a powerful script to document SQL Server, including pre-requisites, purpose, installation, processing and output. Automation seems to be an increasing need in IT industry. At present, PowerShell leads the game in … Continue reading


Today, I’m making my 100th post on SQLShack

The journey with the SQLShack family has been a one from the beginning. It is certainly not easy to join an excellent group of elite authors. When I joined this family, I looked at it as a place to showcase … Continue reading

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Shrinking Tempdb in SQL Server won’t work?

Problem statement When I was working DML operation on the database, It is noted that the tempdb has grown significantly larger and I didn’t have much space on the drive of that server. I tried shrinking the mdf file of … Continue reading

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Automation to list all TCP static and dynamic ports of SQL Server instances using PowerShell

I was asked by the reader on how to get all the port information of SQL Servers instances. As you all know that PowerShell is built on .Net automation framework. I would prefer PowerShell to design any such requirements than … Continue reading

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Select-AzureRmProfile : The term ‘Select-AzureRmProfile’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program

I got a chance to work with PowerShell automation script to automate the login process. In the script, the profile is loaded using the Select-AzureRmProfile. If you try to log in using Select-AzureRmProfile you most likely encounter the following error … Continue reading

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Top 50 PowerShell bloggers of 2018

My work is recognized and my blog is listed under Top 30 elite list. I am pleased, honored and humbled to accept this award and to join other great recipients who I have long admired and respected.  A very special thanks to … Continue reading

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How to automatically Discover SQL Server instances

DBAs have plenty of day-to-day tasks to do as part of the administration, but one overarching task is managing the entire SQL Server environment. To do this, the full SQL Server estate must be discovered and inventoried. To accomplish that … Continue reading

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