SQL Power Doc to Discover, Diagnose and Document SQL Server

This article will provide an overview of SQL Power Doc, a powerful script to document SQL Server, including pre-requisites, purpose, installation, processing and output. Automation seems to be an increasing need in IT industry. At present, PowerShell leads the game in the Windows-based environments, since it is capable of handling highly complex workflows. PowerShell is the go-to choice when it comes to automating even requirements such as configuration management. I got an opportunity to assess SQL Power Doc recently. I have worked with PowerShell a lot (I have even written a book on it). I have built my share of automation and designing tools using PowerShell. When I took a look at SQL Power Doc, I felt the tool does have its share of capabilities to help DBAs in its own way. Let me detail some of my experience while exploring this tool. Let’s get started.

What is SQLPower Doc?

SQL Power Doc was written by Kendal VanDyke. It is a command line PowerShell manifest consisting of several PowerShell modules that will help you build a solid foundation to Discover, Document and Diagnose SQL Server instances and Windows Operating system details. Additionally, you’ll gain some insight into what directions you can go for future exploration. It basically invokes PowerShell cmdlets and give you the necessary details front and center.

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Using SQL Power Doc to Discover, Diagnose and Document SQL Server

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  1. Morganwill says:

    Thank you so much, I’ve already found many helpful tips here.
    As I’m desperately looking for some solutions, which i can also use for my company Indiaaccess and Hostasp Servers

    Thanks for your info

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