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PowerSQL – Different Approaches to Find Free Space in all disk drives

Different ways to find FreeSpace  in all disk drives of a given server T-SQL Using WMIObject Counters All three methods are explained below This post illustrates the simplest way of doing anything with ease using Powershell. I hope everyone agree … Continue reading

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SQL- SP_PROCOPTION – AutoNotification to App Owners – When SQL Instance Restarts

We had a situation where Application owners automatically notified whenever server restarts.  The SP_PROCOPTION do have a facility to perform this activity. The SP_PROCOPTION built-in stored procedure being used to invoke the user defined stored proc automatically. The details of this … Continue reading

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SSAS – Automatic Inventory Generation – 24 Columns – HTML Attachment

Inventory is a vital information,whether you’re a consultant or an in-house DBA, you need to have a reliable inventory of the servers you manage. This inventory can take any number of forms but, ideally, will allow some aggregation of information. … Continue reading

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The scripting variables can be defined explicitly by using the setvar command or implicitly by using the sqlcmd -v option. Also, this is very helpful in Replication to check rowcount across publisher and subscriber articles. Explicit Call- SQLCMD can be … Continue reading

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PowerShell – Identify Service Account & Other Details of SQL Services – Multi Server Script

One of my friend requested me to give a mutli server script to pull SQL Service related details. Here is a quick PowerShell script to find Name, ServerName, Status, StartupMode, Service Account and other details of SQL Services across all … Continue reading

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SSAS Cube Backup strategies and Step by Step approach to setup and configure backup

There are different ways to take Cube database backups. SQL Agent Job XMLA script for backup ROBOT job ASCMD command SSIS Package SSIS package AMO (Analysis Management Objects) PowerShell Scripts I feel AMO (Analysis Management Objects) does our job much … Continue reading

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