Restore SQL Server 2014 Database from Backup – Step By Step Guide

Microsoft SQL server database contains the most crucial data of organizations. But while using MS SQL server many users often face problems like abrupt termination, database connection errors, transient errors, malicious software attacks. In order to save their important SQL server data, many organizations are prepared for the worst case scenarios to avoid data loss situations. In some situations, various users want to know how to restore SQL Server 2014 database from backup.

Well backing up your Microsoft SQL server data not only helps the user to restore the data but it also helps the user in such situations like disaster recovery. The general practice of creating the backup is very crucial when SQL data is the key factor for the business. Before proceeding to the solution part to restore SQL server 2014 database from backup. Let us first understand the importance of SQL server backups.

Importance of SQL Server Data Backups

Here are the points which help the user to understand the Importance of creating backups.

  1. It helps to protect from power failures – As we know that computer systems are prone to damage due to power failures. So due to sudden power failures, the SQL data might get corrupt and it will lead to a data loss situation. Therefore with the help of backups, the user can easily restore the data.
  2. Safety from Virus and other Malware attacks – Its nothing new that files and folder turn into an inaccessible state because of Virus and malware attacks. And by multiple trials of accessing the affected files and folders. The viruses spread throughout the system. So in this way backups helps to restore databases.
  3. Recover data in case of Operating system failure – So in case of an operating system crash or failure, all the files and the data in the hard drive will be gone. Backing up the data is the only thing that remains in court to get things back.
  4. Other Reasons – Data backup is also important in case if the general user’s errors like deleting a table by mistake. In that case, the user can easily restore the data from the backup.

Backing up the files and folders is not only essential things but also a good practice. That assures that your important data won’t go anywhere no matter how worse the situation is.

Restore SQL Server 2014 Database From Backup – By Using Manual Technique

#Technique 1: By Using SQL Server Management Studio

  1. First, the user has to connect to the appropriate instance of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine.
  2. After connecting, then go to the Object Explorer, and then click on the server name to Expand the server tree.
  3. Now click on databases, and then choose either a system database or user database.
  4. Perform the right click on the database and then go to Task and after a click on restore.
  5. Choose the type of restoration operation. Such as database file, filegroups or transaction log.
  6. Now on General page, the user has to click on from Device.
  7. After that click on browse button to open the specify backup box dialogue box.
  8. Now the user has to select the backup device in the backup media text box and after that click on Add button to open select backup device dialogue box.
  9. Choose the device that you want to use for the restore operation. After selecting the restore option choose backup file and then click on OK.

Automated Solution to Restore SQL Server 2014 Database From Backup

The manual solution is not a reliable solution to perform this task. Because it requires strong technical knowledge. So to avoid in any data loss situation the user can take the help of SQL Backup Restore Tool. This software gives two export options SQL server database or SQL server compatible scripts to export SQL data. The user can easily recover and preview database Tables, views, stored procedure, Triggers, columns, functions, etc. This utility supports .bak file of SQL server 2017 and below versions.

Note: If the user wants to repair the corrupted MDF (primary database file) and NDF (secondary database file) then the user can try SQL database recovery software to resolve all the SQL database corruption issues.

Final Words

Many time SQL users want to know how to restore SQL server 2014 database from backup. So in this article, we have discussed the step by step procedure to perform this task. We have also given the importance of SQL server data backups. The above discussed manual solution to perform this task has various limitations. To avoid any data loss situations the user can take the help of Automated solution to resolve this issue.

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