How to do a quick “Row Count only” comparison in two large SQL Server databases

Bringing impactful analysis into a data always comes with challenges. In many cases, we rely on automated tools and techniques to overcome many of these challenges.

In this article, we’ll describe a simple task to validate the table (row count only) between the databases on different SQL instances. For our use case, let us consider a scenario involving transactional replication, as a good practice; it is required to perform data validation test between Publisher and Subscriber databases to validate the integrity of our replication process. It is quite evident that a simple validation process helps to identify the state of the subscriber. If there is a difference in the data, it’s pretty much advised to re-initialize the subscription with the latest snapshot.


There are several reasons why we might need to consider table comparison. In a robust replication system, one has to audit the integrity of the data. The audit process ensures that the data produced from various automation tools or batch jobs are correct. Also, when you pass the values on the subscription database, it should return the near-production values.

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How to perform “Row Count only” comparison between two databases