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SQL- Setup and Configure Backup Report – Step by Step Approach – All listed SQL Instances

One of SQL enthusiast asked me to include the complete code and wanted to schedule a SQL job. I’m trying to give more information with this post also including Step by Step procedure to setup and configure backup report. This is going … Continue reading

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SQL – SQL Server Script to Iterate and Pull Data from All SQL Instances – Database Backup

This Post is a continuation of my previous post. Many times, there is a difficulty in pulling the data to centralized server. As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post PART1,  I’m explaining how to pull the  DATABASE BACKUP information from all listed instance … Continue reading

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SQL – SQL Server Script to Iterate through All SQL Instances – Example Transaction Log Shrinking

There are many ways to execute SQL’s or T-SQL’s across listed SQL Instances. Most of us might have faced and handled this scenario. A script or SQL’s need to be executed across ‘N’ number of instances. This example which does … Continue reading

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Bill Gate’s speech

One of my friend shared this content. I’m just sharing with you all. Good one and I like it pretty much!!!! Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about eleven (11) things they did not and will … Continue reading

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SSAS – Find Cube Database Name, Size,Status and Total Size of SSAS Server

We are planning to take SSAS cube database backup since our backup tool does full file system backup in case of recovery, restoration is taking more time and hence as a first step we are started gathering the number of … Continue reading

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We came across a scenario where database bak files being created from long time which are no more in use and hence cleanup those files since we’ve backup tool is in place. We’ve many *.BAK (database backup files) created across … Continue reading

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PowerSQL – SQL Inventory Generation – Email – High Level Details

Inventory allows anyone to quickly and easily assess any environment. For few servers, answering  Inventory questions might not be so difficult.  But if you’re managing ‘N’ number of SQL Server instances then its going to be tedious job and you’re … Continue reading

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PowerSQL – Identify a Head of the Database Blocks and Generate Automated Alert across all listed SQL Instances

This is going to be a simplest way of capturing and sending some useful information via an email of ‘N’ number of servers. With a little modification, you can implement various database related automation and capture very useful information. To Identify … Continue reading

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PowerSQL – List SQL Server instance configuration details and sending an automated email

This article walks through how to list SQL Server configurable and non-configurable  instance settings using PowerShell and sending an automated email to a listed users. The  Function SendEmail has MailServerName as one of its parameter. Please change accordingly.The following code loads … Continue reading

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