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Overview of File-group(s) and Piecemeal database restore operations in SQL Server

So far, we discussed many de-facto details about SQL Server database backup and restore. In this 15th article of the series, we are going to discuss, the file-group and piecemeal database backup and restore process. Database “Backup and Restore” strategies are … Continue reading

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Overview of SQL Server 2017 Docker containers on Linux machine

SQL Server 2017 is the biggest release and most important releases in the Microsoft product history simply because of the freedom that it gives to install the product anywhere. The advent of the Docker containers and growing emphasis on open … Continue reading

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SQL Server -Database Backup Report using PowerShell and T-SQL

In the previous articles, we discussed several ways of taking backup and testing the restore process to ensure the integrity of the backup file. In this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of the database backup reporting. This kind of … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Mssql-cli tool

A recent announcement on the release of several SQL Server tools has raised expectations across various groups. Product requirements and business are almost always a trade-off, and striking the right balance in a product in terms of the toolset is a … Continue reading

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SQL Database Corruption: Causes, Prevention, Fixing Techniques

“I had a Database File and I want to attach this MDF file to SQL Server 2014. However, whenever I try to attach the file, I am receiving following error message : The header for file ….\MSSQL\DATA\xxxx_data.mdf’ is not a … Continue reading

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