Microsoft SQL Server Error 5243 – Top 3 Ways To Fix This Issue

Maintaining the SQL server database is always the first priority of the SQL administrators. But sometimes SQL database users have to face Microsoft SQL server error 5243 and error 5242. These are common errors. Due to this problem, the SQL users won’t be able to access their databases. Let us understand the situation with the help of an example.

“Please help! I was working with my SQL database and doing some test. Everything was fine. But suddenly when checked my error log I received an error like this. Can anyone help me to fix this Microsoft SQL Server Error 5243? Thanks!

Msg 5242, Level 22, State 1, Line 1

An inconsistency was detected during an internal operation in database ‘Invoices'(ID:11) on the page (1:35397). Please contact technical support. Reference number 4.

SQL server introduced two errors types of errors 5243 or 5242. When the users receive this kind of error it means that the SQL server database is corrupt. This type of error is clearly visible in the error log. If this type of error occurs, then you then the user has to figure out what has happened to the I/O system. This error describes record type is wrong for the current type of page.

Methods to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 5243

  1. Run the DBCC CHECK DB command – The user can try to run DBCC CHECKDB T-SQL command to restore the database. This command helps to check the physical and logical integrity of all the database objects in the specified database. For complete information about DBCC CHECKDB. If the database is too big then the user can use the REPAIR REBUILD option.
  2. By Restoring The Corrupt Page – In case if the page is corrupt and if the user knows the corrupt page then it is possible to restore the correct page.

In Microsoft SQL Server Error 5243 the user can view the corrupted page. Also, the user can detect the corrupt page by using a select in the MSDB database to the suspect_pages table.

Follow this T-SQL command in order to restore the page

Restore Database < Your Database Name>

Page = File:Page

File <device_name >


Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 5243 By Using Expert Solution

In case if the user cannot be able to restore the data then the user can use SQL Database Repair tool. With the help of this software, the user can easily fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 5243. This software is a simple, easy to use and smartly developed software. It can be used to restore SQL server database in case of database corruption. This utility can easily repair the corrupted MDF and NDF file data. By using this software the user can scan and recover triggers, stored procedure, functions, tables. Moreover, this tool is compatible with SQL server 2017 and its below versions.


Final Words

In this article, we have discussed how to fix Microsoft SQL server error 5243. The user can try to restore the database by using manual methods. But these methods require strong technical skills and knowledge. So to avoid data loss situation the user can take the help of MDF Recovery Software to resolve this problem.

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