Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure: DP 300 study guide

I am excited to share an important milestone in my life. My third book, “Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft SQL“, is released. Co-authored with Ahmad Yaseen and Rajendra Gupta, who are known to be the databases’ best and bright minds in the database world. I am fortunate to work with Ahmad and Raj. It is never easy to craft a near perfection content, but we tried to bring in the best with our dedication and efforts. 

I am dedicating this book to all the teachers, family, friends and SQL Shack team.Β 

The content is based on our experience, hands-on, scenario-driven, written with a purposeβ€”a comprehensive guide to becoming an SQL expert on Azure.

In today’s fast-paced, information overload world, efficient information is more critical than ever. There are so many complex questions to answer in the Cloud space of #Database and #cloud:

  • Why we have to shift from traditional DBA to Cloud DBA?
  • How can #organization get started their journey into the cloud?
  • What are the best methodologies and technique available for cloud adoption?
  • How to migrate from on-premise to cloud?
  • How to optimize the databases?
  • How to implement Automation?
  • How to configure HA and DR solution?

So, answer all unanswered questions more with the book “Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft SQL”. We tried hard to get the best content and ensure to cover:

  • Know how to design database solutions for the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Understand the fundamentals to advanced concepts of SQL on Azure
  • Learn how to administer SQL on Azure 
  • Learn more about deploy, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot security, performance, and high availability and disaster recovery scenarios in Azure SQL using advanced tools and techniques.
  • Understand automation work-flow and design your first work-flow
  •  Learn more about Intelligent insights and Analytics integration with PowerBI
  • A comprehensive guide, SQL on Azure for beginners 
  • A quick refresher for experts
  • Practice 20 real-time scenarios 
  • 150+ Q&A to assess your readiness for the DP 300 exam
  • Face DP 300 Azure Database Architect exam with confidence

In India, order your paperback, using the following link


For other countries, use the following link


Please grab a copy and support!!. Please leave your reviews and help us promote and be a part of the greater initiative. I will be donating all my royalty to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

This book will help you and your colleagues have more productive discussions at work.

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