Know How to Repair SQL Database Marked as Suspect Mode in SQL Server

Repair SQL Database Marked as Suspect Mode

MS SQL server is a widely used relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It is a software product which primarily helps to store and retrieve the data of other applications. SQL database can have a specific state at a given time and it runs in various different modes which are online, offline, restoring, recovering, recovery pending, suspect, emergency. But sometimes when the user connects to the SQL server. The user will find the database is marked as a suspect state. The user will not be able to connect to the database. So in this article, we will discuss how to repair SQL database marked as suspect. Also, the forthcoming article will also discuss the various reasons for this error.

“I am currently using SQL server 2014 addition on my Windows 8 machine. Recently when I tried to connect to the SQL database I got an error like this database cannot be opened it has been marked suspect by recovery error. I don’t know what to do in this situation, Kindly guide me how to tackle with MS SQL database marked as suspect error problem.”

sql suspect error

Possible Reasons Behind MS SQL Database Marked as Suspect

When the SQL server starts up, then it attempts to obtain an exclusive lock on the server device file. In case of the device, the file is being used by another program or its found missing then SQL server starts displaying errors. Here are the possible reasons for this problem.

  1. Due to unexpected SQL server shutdown, power failure, or hardware failure.
  2. In the case of a database, files are being held by the operating system or third-party backup software.
  3. The system failed to open the device where the data or log files resides.
  4. In case if the SQL cannot complete a rollback or roll forward operation.
  5. SQL database cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient disk space.

Know How to Repair SQL Database Marked as Suspect – Manually

Here are the steps to fix MS SQL database marked as suspect mode problem.

  1. First Open SQL server management studio and then connect to your database.
  2. Now select the new query option.
  3. Then turn on the suspect Flag on the database and then set it to Emergency
  4. EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘database name’;


  5. Now perform a Consistency check on the Master database.
  6. DBCC CHECKDB (‘database name’)

  7. Now Bring the database into single user mode and after that roll back the previous transactions.

  9. Take the backup of the complete SQL database.
  10. Then attempt the database repair allowing some data loss.
  11. DBCC CHECKDB (‘database name’, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS)

  12. Now bring the database into multiuser mode.

  14. Now refresh the server and verify the connectivity of the database.

Note: By performing the above steps the MS SQL database marked as the suspect problem will be solved. In case if the problem is still there then the user can take the help of an automated solution.

Automated Solution to Resolve MS SQL Database Marked as Suspect Error

If you have tried the above procedure and you are unable to resolve this issue or your database still marked as Suspect then you can try SQL Database Recovery. This utility is an ultimate solution to recover corrupted SQL database. By using this software the user can restore database objects like Triggers, views, functions, stored procedure, etc. This software is capable to recover deleted records from database tables. It provides two scan options which are quick scan and advanced scan to repair corrupted SQL database. This software is compatible with SQL 2017 and its below versions.


Final Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed how to repair SQL database marked as suspect. Also, we have discussed the various causes of this problem. We have given the manual solution to solve MS SQL database marked as suspect error issue. If the user doesn’t want to face any data loss situation then, in that case, the user can take the help of an automated solution MS SQL recovery tool to recover your most crucial SQL database.

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