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Simple Methods to Recover master.mdf File Password

Overview MS SQL Server is the relational database management system used to store information in form of tables, views, indexes, triggers, constraints and stored procedures. Master Database File (MDF) is the main database file with the file extension .mdf used … Continue reading

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Different ways to find Data, log and DB Size

Different ways to get the size of theΒ data , log files and Databases Using Counters Querying sysaltfiles & sys.databases Querying sys.master_files   SELECT instance_name AS DatabaseName, [Data File(s) Size (KB)]/1024.00 [DataInMB], [LOG File(s) Size (KB)]/1024.00 [LogInMB], [Data File(s) Size (KB)]/1024.00 … Continue reading

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Get the Total Item Size for an Exchange database

Hey there! This one is for those Exchange admins who think it is a sin to use hands for something that a computer can doβ€”those Exchange admins love their PowerShell console more than the Exchange Management Console. There are some … Continue reading

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Find failed SQL Job in last 24 Hours using Powershell

This post is based on the request to get failed SQL jobs in last 24 hours and output should be displayed in a HTML format. The verification of SQL job steps code is taken from the below blog. The … Continue reading

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