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T-SQL :- How to Search String in all Stored Procedures across All User Defined Databases

There are many different ways to accomplish this tasks. Download LinkΒ The below examples uses undocumented sp’s to loop through all the user defined database to search the SP’s using given string CREATE TABLE #ProcSearch (databaseName VARCHAR(100),ROUTINE_CATALOG varchar(50),ProcName VARCHAR(128),RoutineType varchar(100),CreateDate … Continue reading

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T-SQL – Read CSV files using OpenRowSet

We can directly access a CSV file using T-SQL. Input file Configure server to run Ad Hoc Distributed Queries sp_configure ‘Ad Hoc Distributed Queries’,1 GO reconfigure GO Check for Microsoft Access Driver on your system SQL select [hour], UserID, [ReportLaunch] … Continue reading

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T-SQL – Query to get Distinct,Sorted, Comma Separated values in to a variable

CREATE TABLE #temp(name char(3)) INSERT INTO #temp VALUES (‘CD’) ,(‘AB’) ,(‘LM’) ,(‘BC’) ,(‘GH’) ,(‘KJ’) ,(‘AB’) DECLARE @cols AS NVARCHAR(MAX); SELECT @COLS = substring(list, 1, len(list) – 1) FROM (SELECT list = (SELECT DISTINCT name + ‘,’ FROM #temp ORDER BY … Continue reading

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