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PowerShell – Memory Details GUI Tool

This Powershell Memory GUI tool is used to fetch memory information from a computer. In the screen that follows, enter the computer name that you would like to get the memory details for and click on Get Memory Button. This … Continue reading

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PowerShell – Program List – 32/64 Bit – Local/Remote Machies

This Powershell script list all the installed application on both 32 and 64 bit applications, particularly useful for people managing both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.   This code also contains an exclusion array where you can exclude list of program that … Continue reading

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T-SQL to check Data and Log Files are on same drive or not

The below query help us in finding the physical existence of data and log files are on same drive or not of all the database in a SQL Instance. ;WITH LogCTE AS  (  SELECT DISTINCT LD.Database_Name  FROM  (  SELECT DB_NAME(database_id) AS [Database_Name], LEFT(Physical_Name, 1) AS [Drive_Letter] FROM sys.master_files WHERE type_desc = ‘LOG’ AND database_id > 4  ) AS LD   INNER JOIN    sys.master_files mf     ON LD.Drive_Letter = LEFT(mf.physical_name, 1) and  WHERE  … Continue reading

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T-SQL – Monitoring DiskSpace of Multiple Servers

This post talks about step by step approach to capture the disk space using T-SQL. This is a request from one of SQL enthusiast. The requirement is to do with T-SQL to monitor disk space of remote servers. Pre-requisites are Enable … Continue reading

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SSRS – Identify a scheduled SSRS Report

Initiating subscription is a tedious task in SQL Server Reporting Services. Each subscription in Reporting Services is setup as a SQL Server Agent job, but the job names are Unique Identifier its hard to remember and re-call. Have complete information … Continue reading

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SQL- Useful links

Useful links – I hope you might like it too.. SQLskills holiday gift to you: all 2012 Insider videos SQL Cheat Sheet  

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Powershell – Age of File Report – Local or Remote

Here’s a very quick post by request.I just had a request for searching the file system for files matching certain criteria such as file age based on the date created. The function Get-FileAgingReport uses get-childitem cmdlet. This function uses two mandatory … Continue reading

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PowerShell – Find OS architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) of local or remote machines Using Powershell

Method 1: Environment Variable PS:\>$ENV:PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE Method 2: Using Win32_OperatingSystem ps:\>$computername=’abcd’ ps:\>(Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem -computername $computername).OSArchitecture  Method 3: Using Win32_Processor ps:\>$computername=’abcd’ ps:\>Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Processor -ComputerName $ComputerName| Select-Object AddressWidth Method 4:[IntPtr]::Size – Gets the size of this instance.  The value of this property is 4 in a … Continue reading

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