Python and SQL Server Administration

Some of my previous articles on Python provided insight of the basics and the usage of Python in SQL Server 2017.

This article is an effort to collect all the missing pieces and try to showcase the importance of using Python programming in SQL Server.

Many say that PowerShell has the upper hand over Python in some aspects of the database administration. I too am under the same impression as many technical enthusiasts, but with very limited knowledge, we can also see the power of Python. Perhaps, instead of pitting PowerShell and Python against each other, we can look at them as complementing technologies.

In 2016, R, the statistical computing programming languageΒ was integrated with the SQL Server version, named for the same year. The other side of the coin was missing since Python is also a leading machine learning language and even having a large user base. In SQL Server 2017, Python is integrated. Now, R and Python are under the same umbrella of the feature calledΒ machine learning services.

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