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Importance of Memory Setting in SQL Server

Memory is one among the resources forming the performance triangle—CPU and storage being the other two. If one is hit, the other two take the load to try to bring the performance to acceptable levels, but there’s always the trade-off. … Continue reading

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Learn How to Insert Data From Stored Procedure Into Table?

Stored Procedures are considered most efficient way for calling and retrieving data and hence users always look forward to encapsulate logic in it so that it can be called when needed. While encapsulating data in Stored Procedure, it is also … Continue reading

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T-SQL – Read CSV files using OpenRowSet

We can directly access a CSV file using T-SQL. Input file Configure server to run Ad Hoc Distributed Queries sp_configure ‘Ad Hoc Distributed Queries’,1 GO reconfigure GO Check for Microsoft Access Driver on your system SQL select [hour], UserID, [ReportLaunch] … Continue reading

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