SQL Substring function in SQL Server

The requirement of data refactoring is very common and vital in data mining operations. In the previous article, you’ll learn the tips for getting started with SQL string functions, including the SQL substring function for data munging with SQL Server. As we all agree that the data stored in one form sometimes require a transformation, we’ll take a look at some common functions or tasks for changing the case of a string, converting a value into a different type, trimming a value, and replacing a particular string in a field and so on.

After reading this article, you’ll understand more about:

  1. SQL String functions
  2. Understand the SQL Server SUBSTRING function
  3. How to handle data using the SUBSTRING SQL function
  4. How to use the SQL Server SUBSTRING function in the where clause
  5. How to dynamically locate the starting and end character position in the SQL Server SUBSTRING function
  6. How to work with date-time string using the SQL Server SUBSTRING function
  7. How to Create a simple sub-select using the T-SQL SUBSTRING function
  8. And more…

further reading…

SQL Substring


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