SQL Server – Stairway to Database Backup-and -Restore, (and Recovery)- Complete Guide

It’s a time to turn the corner from “DBA” to “DBA specialist”. This in-depth guide explores the importance of database backup-and-restore features and skills you’ll need to build good backup-and-restore strategies using the available tools and techniques. Along the way, you’ll pick up some interesting insights and most of the concepts of database backup and restore procedures.

As you move through the list of 20+ articles, you’ll see most of the features that include various database Backup-and-Restore concepts, T-SQL programming techniques, PowerShell Scripting, implementation of backup solutions to Docker containers, data management using SQL Ops Studio, handling bacpac and dacpac files, ingress and egress data from Cloud and more. The articles are organized to make specific topics easy to find so that you can jump start depending on your skill level.

  1. Article 1: An overview of the process of SQL Server backup-and-restore
  2. Article 2: Understanding the SQL Server Data Management Life Cycle
  3. Article 3: Understanding SQL Server database recovery models
  4. Article 4: Understanding SQL Server Backup Types
  5. Article 5: Backup and Restore (or Recovery) strategies for SQL Server database
  6. Article 6: Discussing Backup and Restore Automation using SQLCMD and SQL Server agent
  7. Article 7: Understanding Database snapshots vs Database backups in SQL Server
  8. Article 8: SqlPackage.exe – Automate SQL Server Database Restoration using bacpac with PowerShell or Batch techniques
  9. Article 9: Smart database backups in SQL Server 2017
  10. Article 10: How to perform a page level restore in SQL Server
  11. Article 11: Backup Linux SQL Server databases using PowerShell and Windows task scheduler
  12. Article 12: SQL Server Database backup and restore operations using the Cloud
  13. Article 13: Tail-Log Backup and Restore in SQL Server
  14. Article 14: SQL Server Database Backup and Restore reports
  15. Article 15: Database Filegroup(s) and Piecemeal restores in SQL Server
  16. Article 16: Backup and Restore of a SQL Server database with Memory-Optimized objects
  17. Article 17: Backup and Restore using SQL Server Docker Containers
  18. Article 18: Backup and Restore operations with SQL Server Docker containers using SQL Ops Studio
  19. Article 19: Interview questions on SQL Server database backups, restores and recovery – Part I
  20. Article 20: Interview questions on SQL Server database backups, restores and recovery – Part II
  21. Article 21: Interview questions on SQL Server database backups, restores and recovery – Part III
  22. Article 22: Planning a SQL Server Backup and Restore strategy in a multi-server environment using PowerShell and T-SQL
  23. Article 23: Understanding Database Backup Encryption in SQL Server

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