Introduction to Docker and Docker Toolbox

The article gives some knowledge about getting started and utilizing Docker containers. The focus is all about understanding  Docker and its basics. Once you start grasping the basics and learn to use them, you will easily understand how to use Docker with other products.

In this article, we are going to review the following points:

  1. Introduction to Docker
  2. Pre-requisites to be done for the installation
  3. Installation of Docker toolbox on Windows
  4. Basics on getting started with Docker
  5. The main docker commands
  6. Methods to build Ubuntu images from the docker hub repository
  7. And more…


Docker is a portable, open platform, lightweight and simple to configure, build and split an operating system into small containers that can be used to deploy applications in isolated and secure containers.

These containers are designed to be portable so they can be shipped from one place to anotherю Thus, Docker is a tool that passes these containers to and from your systems. A container is a self-contained sealed unit of the required software. It has the combination of everything needed to run that code, as well as contains all the dependencies that your system needs bundled up in that container. Moreover, it even includes an operating system to run your code. So, it takes all the services that make up an operating system such as network configuration, storage, libraries, code, and IPC (Inter Process Communication) protocols.

Docker is built into a client-server application architecture. The Docker client initiates a request to a Docker daemon (Server). Both Docker client and Docker server can be run on the same or remote system.

Docker has a program, which builds containers from a code. It takes your code along with its dependencies, bundles it up, and seals into a container.

The tool is a good choice for DevOps pipeline to speed up the consistent delivery of applications. It offers a platform to streamline the development lifecycle by providing only required applications and services. Containers are great to be used for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows.

Install Docker Toolbox on Windows

For Windows 7 (or higher) operating systems, Docker provides Docker Toolbox, an installer with a platform to configure and launch a Docker environment. Additionally, it can set up and start a Docker environment on older Mac and Windows systems. Docker Toolbox installs a program known as Docker that helps manage Docker Virtual Machines and others components, including the VirtualBox, Docker Machine programs etc. Docker Toolbox also installs Docker Machine, which has several useful commands for managing the VMs (Virtual Machines).

The components of Docker Toolbox are as follows:

  1. Docker Machine
  2. Docker Engine
  3. Docker Compose
  4. Kinematic
  5. Docker Quickstart Terminal App
  6. Oracle VirtualBox


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