Default and Custom Widgets in SQL Server Operations Studio

There are already a number of articles and blog posts that reveal the benefits of the SQL Operations Studio tool. The demand created across the software and the related tools are relatively unimaginable than ever before. The trend and growth will continue to increase in the upcoming days.

The graphical representation is in the vogue today. Visualizing data helps us to better understand this and to make decisions. It’s no wonder that data visualization continues to attract a growing number of users. The development of any toolset could provide opportunities to speed up the software development lifecycle process.

This article demonstrates the advantages of using custom SQL queries or complex T-SQL to provide a great insight into the database and explains how one can use this insight to build custom widgets. In this case, the SQL Operations Studio Widget is a customized piece of the code to personalize the SQL Server Dashboard for effective management of SQL instances.

The more time you spend working with the tool, the more you realize that this intelligent light-weight cross-platform application can create interesting things.

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to SQL Operations Studio
  • How to run a custom SQL query and view it as a chart
  • How to use default and custom widgets
  • Various panes and options in SSOS
  • Explain the different chart options
  • Create a custom insight
  • Details to define a custom widget step by step
  • And more…

Custom Widgets in SQL Ops Studio

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed how to configure a various default database and server widget insights. Also, the article highlights the steps to add a custom SQL as a part of the dashboard. We saw how simple it is to define and customize the dashboard. While SSMS is still the de-facto tool compatible with SQL Server instances, it’s more of an integrated environment. When you just want to play with SQL or create light widgets, SQL Operations Studio has several advantages over the SQL Server Management Studio.

As it’s available on Linux and easy to be integrated with PowerShell, it’s becoming a promising SQL toolset for many developers and administrators alike.

What do you think? Give it a download if you haven’t, and feel free to comment below.


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