SQL Server Log Shipping on Linux

Log shipping is a high-availability configuration that perhaps most of us are familiar with. It’s one of the oldest techniques wherein we ship transaction logs from a Primary database to a Secondary database. Log Shipping is still a vital feature used in case of applications that use warm standby for Disaster Recovery. We can see many articles which discuss the process of configuring Log shipping using T-SQL or SSMS.

On a high level, Log Shipping consists of preparing the secondary database (NORECOVERY or STANDBY) using a backup of the primary instance database and then applying the transaction logs from the primary database onto the secondary database using SQL Server Agent Jobs and a shared file location. In other words, it’s an automated process of restoring transaction log backups from the primary database server on to the secondary database/database server. This way, the database is available for failover.

We’ve seen multiple models of implementation of log shipping: log shipping on the same server, on to a different server, across domains or workgroups, or two different versions of SQL Server. SQL Server, now being available for Linux, makes us think, “Can we set up log shipping across platforms?”

As it turns out, yes, we can. This article discusses the setup. We’ll use a network file share for the demonstration. Let’s jump right in!

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Log shipping on Linux

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