Dynamic Data Masking – Tracking all masked columns in your database


I have presented on Making Developers lives easier with SQL Server 2016 multiple times over the last couple of months, and I must admit that even though the content is the same – every presentation is different depending upon the attendees and their expertise levels. During theGulf Coast Code Camp, MobileandDevSpace Conference, Huntsvillethere were some interesting questions I was asked on Dynamic Data Masking during/after my presentation. I thought of writing a quick blog post to answer those questions. Honestly this is something which I plan to start doing more often – since every time I give a presentation there are few questions which stand out and and some times I have to come back and do more research to find the right answer. Well it is never too late to make a start!

Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server 2016 is a new built-in…

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