MongoDB – Drop database

The dropDatabase command drops the current database, deleting the associated data files.

Different methods to drop database

Method 1:

1. select the database which you want to delete
>use < database name >
2. Then issue the below command

Method 2:

1. Define the name of the database
> var dbname=”users”
2. Issue the below command
> Mongo().getDB(dbname).dropDatabase()
{ “dropped” : “users”, “ok” : 1 }


Dropping all the databases

*****Please make a copy before deleting anything****

The first command gives you a list of dbs ‘AA’ and ‘PP’ and the second one using cursor loop through all the database and drop the databases

>db.getMongo().getDBs()[“databases”].forEach(function(dbname){ var db1=db.getMongo().getDB(; print (db1);});
> db.getMongo().getDBs()[“databases”].forEach(function(dbname){ db.getMongo().getDB(;});
> show dbs


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