T-SQL – How to get the Financial Quarter details of a date field

declare @table table
[Paid Date] date

insert into @table

;WITH Quarters AS (
   SELECT Q = 'Q1', MonthBegin = 1, MonthEnd = 3 UNION
   SELECT Q = 'Q2', MonthBegin = 4, MonthEnd = 6 UNION
   SELECT Q = 'Q3', MonthBegin = 7, MonthEnd = 9 UNION
   SELECT Q = 'Q4', MonthBegin = 10, MonthEnd = 12
   [paid date],[Quarter] = 'FSY'+CONVERT(VARCHAR(4), DATEPART(yyyy, CONVERT(DATETIME, [paid date]))) + '_' + q.Q
  INNER JOIN Quarters q ON
      DATEPART(m, CONVERT(DATETIME, [paid date])) >= q.MonthBegin AND
      DATEPART(m, CONVERT(DATETIME, [paid date])) <= q.MonthEnd;





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4 Responses to T-SQL – How to get the Financial Quarter details of a date field

  1. Lionel Dejean says:

    Very sleek, I can use this


  2. Stephen says:

    This is a good start for me but most financial years down here run from 1 April thru 31 March, or, 1 July thru 30 June 😦


  3. Ray says:

    Here is an easier way to get your results using your sample table and data:

    select [Paid Date], convert(char(4),DATEPART(yyyy,[Paid Date])) + ‘_Q’ + convert(char(1),DATEPART(q,[Paid Date]))
    from @table


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