PowerShell – System Information

Different ways to find system information are given below:-

  • Method 1:Querying WMI objects
    • Download the code SystemInfo
    • Create the function with Powershell console and call the function with ComputerName as its argument
Get Complete details of any server Local or remote 
This function uses WMI class to connect to remote machine and get all related details 
Just Pass computer name as Its parameter 
Get-SystemInfo -ComputerName HQSPDBSP01 
To get help: 
Get-Help Get-SystemInfo 

Function Call: 
PS:\>Get-SystemInfo -ComputerName <computername>
 Method 2:- Reference from Powershell Tip
  • Use of systeminfo.exe with Powershell. Copy and Paste the below code and call the function
function Get-SystemInfo 
  param($ComputerName = $env:ComputerName) 

      $header = 'Hostname','OSName','OSVersion','OSManufacturer','OSConfig','Buildtype', 'RegisteredOwner','RegisteredOrganization','ProductID','InstallDate', 'StartTime','Manufacturer','Model','Type','Processor','BIOSVersion', 'WindowsFolder' ,'SystemFolder','StartDevice','Culture', 'UICulture', 'TimeZone','PhysicalMemory', 'AvailablePhysicalMemory' , 'MaxVirtualMemory', 'AvailableVirtualMemory','UsedVirtualMemory','PagingFile','Domain' ,'LogonServer','Hotfix','NetworkAdapter' 
      systeminfo.exe /FO CSV /S $ComputerName |  
            Select-Object -Skip 1 |  
            ConvertFrom-CSV -Header $header 

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